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The term project is your opportunity to be creative and work on something that you find interesting. The only restriction is that it must relate to the course material (ASP.NET or e-commerce). I encourage you to be creative, but if you are stuck for ideas I have listed a few below.

I recommend that you discuss your project idea with me before investing a lot of time in it. I can help you define the scope of the project and may be able to provide useful tips to get you started.

  1. Project ideas

  2. Project grading

  3. Citing References

1. Project Ideas

I encourage you to be creative and do not limit yourself to the ideas below. Hopefully these ideas will seed your imagination.

  • Create a web site using ASP.NET for a small retail store, company or organization.

  • Create a web site using Wordpress (or other CMS) for a small retail store, company or organization.

  • Do something with a free web API.

  • Do something that uses AJAX.

  • Create a mobile app.

  • Build a MVC web site.

  • Build a classified ad site (like Craigslist) or a discussion board (similar to simplified reddit).

  • Create a professional on-line portfolio that includes your resume and samples of your work.

  • Screen scraping and regular expressions offer many possibilities, such as Galbraith Mud Index.

  • Do something fun with Google Maps API. You can find ideas on the web or in the book Google Hacks (I have a copy of this book that you may borrow for a day or two.) Google Fight is a good example.

  • Be creative...

2. Project Grading

Your project should include an "about" page that lists its main features (similar to the "about this site" page on the bookstore and music store projects). This will assure that I do not miss any important features when grading it.

Projects are graded based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the course.

  • Challenge/difficulty

  • Educational value

  • Creativity

  • Professionalism of finished product.

3. Citing Work by Others

Coding projects often utilize tools, templates, and scripts created by others, such as grid frameworks, site templates, JavaScript libraries, and photo animation scripts. I encourage you incorporate such code into your project but you must give credit to the original source. You will receive credit for finding it and successfully incorporating it into your project. Any code that is written by someone else and turned in as your original work is plagiarized and will be treated as such.

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