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The term project is to add enhancements to your music store. This is your opportunity to be creative!

  1. Enhancement ideas

  2. Instructions for turning in project

  3. Project grading

1. Enhancement Ideas

Make sure that you have the basic music store working properly before you start on enhancements. Enhancements are of little value if they are added to non-functional sites. 

Tip: Before starting to work on enhancements that could cause existing code to malfunction, I suggest that you make a backup copy of your project in a separate folder. 

Some ideas for enhancements are listed below. You are also encouraged to be creative and come up with other ideas.

Include a list of your enhancements in your "About this store" section so that I don't miss any when grading your assignment.

2. Instructions for turning in Project

The project is due at the date and time shown on the course schedule.  Late projects will be subject to a penalty of 15 points per 24 hours (so don't be late!).

Source code: I need to see your project source code to grade the final project. Create a folder named "myFiles" in your root folder on Yorktown and copy in your entire VS project. A course grade will not be submitted until this is completed. Once course grades are submitted I will delete these files from the server.

Submit the URL to your music store's home page (default.aspx) via the Canvas course management system.

3. Project Grading

The project will be graded based on the basic store created in assignments 7, 8 and 9, plus any enhancements that you have added. The basic store that you have completed by the end of assignment 9 will earn a grade of approximately a B-. Enhancements are a way for your to further improve your grade.

The grading of the final project is very detailed and includes looking at your source code to make sure that you have coded efficiently and neatly. Specifically I will be checking to make sure that you have used user controls for all code that is reused, that your browse menu is dynamically generated and that you code is original (your own work).

Project grades will be posted on Canvas.

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