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HTML & CSS Tutorials

In this tutorial you will:

  1. use Visual Studio to complete W3Schools' HTML tutorial
  2. apply you skills by creating a simple web page.

First you will need to create a new Web Site in Visual Studio. You may save this web site and use it for all of your MIS 324 assignments.

Create a web site with Visual Studio:
  1. Start Visual Studio 2017
  2. Select File --> New Web Site...
  3. Select ASP.NET Empty Web Site in Visual C#
  4. Click "Browse" and give your web site a descriptive name like "MIS324WebSite" and save it on the desktop. When you are finished today you can save it to your U drive, a thumb drive, or other storage location.
  5. Right-click on "C:\..." under Solution Explorer and select Add --> New Folder. Name your new folder HTMLTutorial (do not include spaces in web file or folder names).
  6. Right click on your new folder and select Add --> Add new item --> HTML page. VS will prompt you for a file name. A good name would be SampleHTML.
  7. You should now see a template page with some HTML tags. Between the two <body> tags add: <h3>Hello World</h3>
  8. Save the file (Ctrl-S).
  9. View the file in a browser by right clicking on the file name and selecting View in Browser
  10. Your page should open in the default web browser.

Tutorial and create web page:

  1. You are now ready to start the W3Schools HTML tutorial. Complete the tutorial through "HTML Forms."
  2. After (or concurrently with) the tutorial construct a HTML page that looks like this. This page does not contain much styling so it will not be pretty. Next week we will add some styling.

Professor Sandvig and Miles are available to help you and answer questions.

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