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HTML & CSS Tutorials

The goal of these tutorials is to provide you with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. After completing these tutorials you should have enough knowledge to teach yourself via online tutorials, blogs, help sites, and other resources.

The tutorials are self-paced and hands-on. You will use the Visual Studio development environment for writing and testing your code. Professor Sandvig is available to answer questions.

HTML (hypertext markup language) describes the page content in terms of elements such as paragraphs, images, hyperlinks, tables, lists, and form elements. CSS (cascading style sheets) is used to apply styling to the HTML elements (fonts, colors, sizes, position, etc.)

In each of the following tutorials you will read about the languages and then built a simple web page.

Lab Topic
1 HTML tutorial
2 CSS tutorial
Regular Expressions HTML Color Names Color Picker ASCII Character Codes Unicode Character Codes