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Yorktown Server Access

For grading purposes your code needs to be located on the Yorktown server. Each MIS 324 student will be provided with an account on Yorktown. The server is accessible both on- and off-campus is via network Drive mapping. Off-campus access also requires the use of VPN (virtual private network) for secure access to WWU's network. Map network drive

Map Network Drive to Yorktown:

  1. VPN: (needed off-campus) Go to . Clicking this link will install the Cisco VPN client on your PC or Mac. Start the VPN software after installation and login with your WWU credentials. Prefix your WWU username with "wwu\" (e.g. Username: wwu\YourUserName
  2. Network drive  A network drive connects your computer to the Yorktown web server. Follow ATUS instructions for Mapping Network Drives.

    The address for Windows users is:


    For Mac users:


    If you are using your personal computer rather than a WWU computer you will be asked for a login. Prefix your WWU username with "wwu\" (eg. wwu\username).

    In the mapped drive you should see a folder with your quarter code. The quarter code is a three digit number. The first two digits are the year (ie. 16 for 2016) and the third is the quarter (1=winter, 2=spring, 3=summer, 4=fall). For instance, if the quarter is fall 2016 your quarter code would be 164. Inside this folder you will see a folder with your WWU user ID. This is the root folder for your web pages. Any files that you place inside this folder will be publically accessible via the Web.

Copy Web Site

Publish files on Yorktown:

  1. To publish files from Visual Studio to Yorktown right-click on your project root folder in Solution Explorer and select "Publish" (see image on right)
  2. Select "Folder" in the dialog box and navigate to your folder on Yorktown.
  3. Click Publish.
  4. The URL for your project on Yorktown will be similar to:
    where xx is your quarter code.
  5. In MIS 324 you will create only one project and add code to it throughout the quarter.








Copy files


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