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The term project is to add enhancements to your on-line store. This is your opportunity to be creative!  

  1. Enhancement ideas

  2. Instructions for turning in project

  3. Project grading

1. Enhancement Ideas

Make sure that your bookstore has the basic features found in the sample site before you add enhancements. The value of enhancements is significantly discounted if the store's basic functionality is missing.

Also, check that all user supplied inputs are cleaned so that single-quotes do not cause exceptions or expose your site to SQL injection. Inputs can be easily cleaned using the mySqli_real_escape_string() function.

Tip: Before starting to work on enhancements that could cause existing code to malfunction I suggest that you copy your project to a new folder. For instance, the Bookstore folder could be copied to Bookstore2.

Grading: The point value of enhancements depends upon their difficulty and how well they are implemented. The typical point value for a few more popular enhancements is in parenthesis at the end of each bullet point.

Possible enhancements ideas include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Regular Expressions HTML Color Names Color Picker ASCII Character Codes Unicode Character Codes